Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Understanding Alchemy

The world of alchemy, the most interesting subject of science. Alchemy is no longer study widely around the world, but there are still people who do learn it. Today I had my science and French mid-terms, which are the last midterms. Both of the tests were okay, the science one was easy, but the French one was kind of confusing. The science composed of 70 multiple-choice and some written questions and the French contained 135 multiple choice questions, yes, that is two scantrons. Anyways, in the world of Full Metal Alchemist, a wonderful anime. In this wonderful show, it states the following: People cannot gain anything without sacrificing something. You must present something of equal value to gain something. That is the principle of equivalent trade in alchemy. We believed that was the truth of the world when we were young ~Alphonse from Full Metal Alchemist That is a great quote, even used in life. I sacrificed time and stress on theses mid-terms, and I gain more knowledge. If you want to gain something, go ahead and take some time to do it. I started again on Warcraft III, training my way up at solo. Sacrificing time, but also having a lot of fun with the game. Oh yea, and go watch this anime.

Monday, January 24, 2005

The World of Mathematics

The world of mathematics, the principal of math is taught throughout the world in all countries, all schools. My question is why do we need to go into such depth into math? All we really need is plus, minus, multiply and divide, unless you want to get into construction or something that really involve numbers, it is somewhat useless. Math could be use for solving problems, but who would sit down and use math and solve a problem? There's no time for that in life, you got to do things right away. Math is cool nevertheless, playing with numbers is always better than reading a book. Anyways, some people do not know about the statement one plus one equals two. Today, there was a fire at work. The customers that were in line at customer service wanted to refund their items before leaving. Outrageous and stupid customers I shall say, there is a fire at the back of the warehouse. "Do you want your life or money?" The customers thought the fire was nothing at all but you could already see the smoke and smell the awkward odor of fire. One angry customer said he had to leave the plane and he can't come back for 60 days, and the refund policy only works for 30 days. He angrily through the 300 dollar mp3 player at the fire fighter and fled. He could mail in the receipt or something, being angry does not solve problems. Anyways, that was my day. Tomorrow I have my math midterms. Wish me luck, Mr. Einstein. Quote of The Day, Albert Einstein: “Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater.”

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Look at Perspective

During a period of life time, each person will encounter things they don't like and like. It's all about perspective. Someone could like something and someone can be the other way around. Also, it could also be the ways on how you are looking things in life. Say you are reading a book, try to read it upside down. Trust me, it will give you a whole perspective. If you live in an optimistic way in life you will be much happier, look at things at a better way when you come to a problem. Today my day was pretty tiring, went out early for class, did some shopping, got a new computer desk, took me 1 hour to set it up, another hour to arrange my home. Doing all that tired me out, but looking at all the work now, it was worth it. The journey is more valuable than the goal. I think this car is beauty, can you tell me your perspective on this Porsche?

Friday, January 21, 2005

The Sons of Liberty

History, a reflection of what people has done in the past. In school you learn about socials studies, geography, history, economic. Remembering names are nothing, the most important thing is what the person did, and what made him so great that us kiddies have to study him from a textbook. I had my socials studies exam today, piece of cake. The pig skimmed through it easily. As my friend says, "You know everything already!" My Social Studies teacher is just a great man, first he made the test easy for us. Then he gave us all the main points to study, told us to write down the three long questions and do it at home beforehand, and dropping by our classroom saying "Remember to draw a tomato in the house, also giving us a answer to one of the questions because there were 5 choices, instead and it should have 4. One of the easiest way to learn History is by playing video games, I am not exactly sure if the storyline and concepts of Metal Gear Solids are connected to history, but indeed each of their titles are forms of art. The ideas and plots might be fictionalized but it’s amazing. Go out and grab some Metal Gear Solid titles and you will be amazed.
Quote of The Day, Maximus: "What we do in life, echos in eternity..."

Very Important Person

You know, not anyone can be labeled VIP, lets talk about things you get from companies and shops. Say you eat at McDonalds for ten years, you still don't get fancy membership card, VIP member cards can be related to money. I remember some guy that has a VIP card for some airline company. Basically, it is telling you that person always takes airplane trips and is giving a lot of profit to the airline company, therefore you are rewarded with a little corny VIP card. Very Important Person, some people just know they are important, hubris people I shall say. You could easily get those corny VIP cards, but the true VIP is earned and respect from society. Sometimes you get the feeling you are a "very important person"? Label it, put it under your name under your blog. Work hard, earn the real title from the aspects of the revolving globe. Word of The Day, Hubris: excessive pride and self confidence

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Bus Drivers Should Get Shot

I mean take a look at this. Today I left my class early, yes, I left saying "Peace!", and the teacher still had no clue, still talking to with students. When I reached and turned left and saw the bus stop, I saw the bus came. I ran like hell trying to catch it and it left. So I was like. Okay... I sat there waiting for the next one. It was raining and I was holding an umbrella. Sitting was boring, and I was getting hungry, then I saw Safeway across the street, I decided to grab some food there. I crossed the street. After I reached the other end I saw the Bus coming again, so I ran like hell back to the bus stop. I know I was in time but the Bus left without me. You see, if I had a gun, I would pull the trigger and shot the damn bus driver. I was mad and all that and I was like "I am not waiting for another bus", so I walked across the street to Safeway. I purchased a Long John donut. I asked the Baker if they had chocolate rings, but no. It was 70 cents after tax and I also got a Safeway Bingo card. It looked like fun but then I saw another bus went through the bus stop. After that I went to the bus stop, sat down, and ate my donut. That was four buses that I had missed, Bus Drivers should wait for people, even if they are late a bit. Smart up drivers, you wouldn't want to get shot by someone like me.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Fix Hello Please

My day was pretty good, after school I attended Drill Team. This Drill team practice I had to admit was pretty fun. We had Flight Sgt Jordan, a new girl from 111 that was in charge of us today because our drill team commander was busy, we did some power drill and a game called sergeant says. Good relaxing Drill Team Practice. Now lets go on with my rant about Hello. Hello is a program for Blogger. You can learn more about it going to their site. It's basically something that allows you to post pictures to your blog way easier. Today I have been trying to get Hello to work. At school, it worked perfectly fine, but once I got home, it was being an ass. I couldn't log in to it to send pictures to my blog. I went through the support forum and found out a lot of people are having my problem as well. I think it's something with my router but they should really do a fix. C'mon Google, fix Hello as soon as possible.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Sleepy Day

The NCO course was a killer, after I got back from it last night I studied for my science test for about an hour then some free time, so it made me sleep at 12, which was not good at all. The next day I went to school very tiring and at the same time I learnt a lot of new stuff. And last block was science test on earthquake and geology. I did okay I guess. But the multiple choices were pretty hard. Mid-term exams are coming on Friday and I guess I am ready? At socials the teacher M.Macfarlen told us everything that is on the mid-term so it is cool. He doesn’t like midterms and he states “Mid-Term exams causes unnecessary stress to both students and teachers.” I totally agree with that. Anyways after I got back from home I ate some cereal. I love cereals because they are sweet and good. I ate some corn pops and some fruit loops. Then we went to cadets. Cadets were pretty cool. Had first 2 classes with FSGT Tam. At the end it was spare block, which I used to practice with my gun. It was WO1 Chen’s last day! It was pretty sad and WO2 Kung got promoted to WO1 Kung, anyways-sleepy day, and goodnight.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

NCO Course Day 3

Before WO2 Albert came in the room I already woke up. Then I heard the whistle and we woke up fast. At the morning we had breakfast. Then after breakfast we did our exam. During the exams the tables and seats were laid out in this way. Two juniors at the end and a senior in the middle. Therefore senior could not cheat. The exam was pretty easy. “List the procedure of making a order” Plan, Prepare, Implement, Confirmation, Follow-up and evaluation. It also asked me about the symbols but I had no clue on that so I just skipped that part. There were only 3 symbols to fill up so it doesn’t really matter. Then there was the marking scheme. I had to rate a Dress shirt out of 5 and list how to get each mark. One question also said “Explain Standardization” at part is easy too; I said something about the average mark of all the cadets in Canada. Then we had our Drill Mutual. Each cadet was expected to do a 15 min class. It was my turn and I was glad that the class got split into two so it was way easier to teach. I only got 4 cadets to teach, Kwok, Young, So and Galpin. The class went pretty good, I found out calling commands are actually pretty fun. I remember last year I was called out to called the command and last time I did very bad because when I did it, everyone was laughing at me but not this time, I was more confident than before. Flight Sgt Tam saw me too and last time he told me to be more confident in the voice and this time I did it. Everyone in my class had pretty good time and I can see smiles at all of their faces, which is cool. At the end of the class I told the class that Young did a very good job calling out the timing loud and Young was very happy and so was I. After that everyone said my class was pretty good. After drill class was IT Mutual. It was really cool too. I was teaching Chan, Ng, Galpin and Leoung. “Qualities of A Leader”. I had my visual ads and they were awesome. I had 10 Visual Ad’s and all of them had a word and a picture explaining the word. The class went pretty good but when we went to Courage, I drew a lion right? I said Lion’s were courageous animals and they go around eating innocent animals. Which lead the class in a burst of laughter. After that I also told the class to repeat the word, which was pretty fun too. Then at the end I said “You guys were a pretty good class, but next time don’t laugh at me during class because I don’t like it when people laugh at me”. That was cool. Anyways cool day. I went through two mutual and an exam. At the end we did a parade with all my friends taking positions of the parade square. I took the rifle as a flag party member at home squadron. Meet a lot of cool people like WO Luey, Flight Sgt Lui, and some cool sergeants. NCO course went well and I learnt a lot from it and I will take it back to 135 Challenger squadron and use the skills I had learn and implement them usefully.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

NCO Course Day 2

Second day of this NCO course, woke up around 6:30 am. Breakfast we ate some bread, cereal. Today we attended 11 classes. All the classes were about leadership. Some were boring, some where awesome. Welsh and Adams were really great teachers. Welsh made the class enjoyable and made stuff easy to remember, Adams is just hard core and the things he say just digs into you head. At lunch time we were supplied with Rice, which I was amazed since it was a Cadet thing and we had chicken sauce on rice which totally fit my taste and also since it was kind of cold there. After lunch we had our assigned Mutual. Tomorrow we will be going on two mutual and one test. It is a really hard thing and it is getting on my nerves. There will be one Drill Class Mutual and one IT Class Mutual. Mutual are basically test how you teach a class and you will be evaluated by an instructor. After dinner, we had to pick our manual’s. It was a calling out procedure, I got "About Turn On The March" and "Qualities of a Leader" as my lesson that I have to teach. Both of them are pretty cool and I like them. After dinner we started on making our lesson plans. We need 1 for each so the evaluator can see we actually place some work on it and to help us with the lesson. We were permitted to sleep 30 minutes later than the Junior cadets. I finished my IT Lesson Plan pretty easily but I needed to rush through my Drill Lesson Plan. I finished it in time and went to my sleeping bag to sleep. While sleeping I was thinking about the 11 classes I were taught today and I would have to implement them to all my classes tomorrow. Also thinking about a exam tomorrow which I have no time to even look at my notes yet. This is the life of an Air Cadet.

Friday, January 14, 2005

NCO Course Day 1

Welcome to NCO Course 2005,I arrived there at 5:58pm. My first step towards a different air cadet armor. 111 Pegasus was my destination? Pretty cool stuff here, the squadron here is way smaller. When you step in a place called the same thing with a "different" setting, you will be amazed. This squadron compared to mine is smaller, allot smaller. The floors are made from concrete, pretty clean compared to our old dirty real 'Parade Square'. I went in the squadron and I could already sense fear from the cadets in there. The power of my eyesight has enough confidence to break through their strengths in their home unit. It is just me, it is not intended or even tried. This is how you become a good leader, with a message telling to them with your eyes, not your mouth. Anyways, this weekend was totally packed. One blog could only emphasize the important points but still not fulfill my whole work. Air cadets are simply are great thing and if you have lived in cadets for 4 years, things are cool. The first 1-2 years is just harsh, I am serious, 80% of the cadets quit at their 1-2 years, if you survive past that it will take your life way farther. This course was split into two different groups. The seniors which consists of 10 people and juniors which consist of 50 and more people. I was in the seniors flight with 10 cadets. 7 which were from my home squadron 135 and 3 which were from the other one 111. But by the end of this I managed to have good relationships with the 3 cadets I met on the summer camp and I will state how and why? Anyways Friday was basically you go there, do that admin shit, go to bed. When we were chilling and waiting for next instruction I was playing a Chess game with one of the new cadets. SGT. Fernley was the name, he is a big, tall, Filipino guy. At the chess game we went still mate. Which meant we both had a king left and the game is a tie. I was going to win but I found out I forgot to bring my sleep gear. After the game was over I manage to grab myself a sleep suit from my new friend. A green beer shirt and a extra large pear of light blue jeans. I was gangster. I feel cool and light so when the person told us to go to bed I went to bed fast. I am too tired to write about Saturday and Sunday, it will be written tomorrow hopefully. Just studied geology, and now off to fill in application forms for summer camp. By the way this blog is blogged on Sunday but just for the heck of diary and keeping things organize and I am going to put this under Jan 14.

First Comments

You know how it feels when a blooger receives his or her first comments? This feeling is better than happy. It is like pride over the rainbow. I feel really happy receiving comments from my blog. Thank you to honestyrain and Harry for giving me this special moment. Life is long and special, every time you encounter something "new". Your mind and body receives a special feeling. Just like today, my first comments. Anyways let's go on with the blog shall we? Today it is Friday, and you know how kids in school loves Friday. I do too, but not as much as the kids around me. Maybe I am special? Or more mature? Both sides has it ups and downs. Morning, Bus to school. At the bus stop , me and my friend sighted our old warrant Officer. She was our drill team commander too. Well both sides didn't talked with each other I guess it was too cold in the morning. I went on the day with normal planning, I managed to finish my "Personal planning Report" it is a report based on what you think will happen after your high school ends. It is a great report and I do want to post it up on this blog sometime, preferably after I got a mark for it. Then I had Computer Studies, after that me and my other friend went to Sub-Way. At subway I wanted to eat something cheap and good. $2.99 poster shown with 3 sandwiches. Cold Cut trio, Tuna, Meatball. I always ate Cold Cut trio subs and Meatballs, so why not try Tuna? I told the person "Tuna 6 inch roasted Garlic," Anyways it was a pretty cool lunch, Cost me about $3.20 after tax? Yea after that it was English class. We were doing some project. I need a computer to do projects, so I just chilled with my friends until the period was over. Last of all was P.E, at that time we went to the gym at the community centre and did a 10 lap run. It was easy because no one really tried since the teacher isn't even there. Then when our teacher came he made us do the pyramid run. This is how it goes. Level 1, you run to the other side of the gym. Level 2, you run to the other side of the gym and come back. Level 3, You run there,back,there. Level 4, you run there,back,there,back. After level 4 you go back to level 3, then level 3, then level 1. It was very tiring. After that he made us do 40 setups. Anyways that was my day at school. Today at 6:00pm I am expected to attend NCO Course 2005. It's a three day thing and will end on Sunday 5:00pm. Which basically killed my weekend. I hope that it was a good choice giving up my work and a language class for this exercise. I will blog back again at Sunday. Wish me luck at this exercise bloggers, and keep the comments coming. This post was extremely long due to the fact I won't post again until Sunday.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Men giving up on Blogs

Well you see. It is hard to post every fucking day of your life. I am mostly lazy and kind of pissed off my old layout. Thanks to my good friend Victory, Owner of . I heard that from a report men usualy adbandon their blog and women were the ones that makes the best blogs and I have to agree with it. During the past week I feel like giving up on this blog but nevermind, I am able to refresh my mind and have a brand new way of blogging. My blog looks way better and I feel the urge to post again. Thanks alot to Victory once again for helping me change the layout. Today is just a ordinary day. I went to school. Today is a IPP day. School starts at 10:10am , Differen't way of life. French, Science, Math, Socials. That's it. French, boring stuff as usual, Science, I like science but I don't really felt like doing anything this class. For science we also got our mark back for Geology test 50.5/56. I am proud, Math, class disruptive. But it was fun. Socials , pure boringness again. Alright that's the end. Tomorrow at 6pm I am off for a 3 day course for cadets . As that is the case I won't be attending work or preperation manderine provincals course. I will post again tomorrow, If I have time. Posting a long post like this is cool. I wonder if Blogger as any space if not this could be my dairy too?

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Snow please

tomorrow please snow ( Edit: Jan 19 05, I am a disgrace to bloggers due to posting so crappy like that )

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Long Day

7:18am Alarm rings. 8:00am Eat. 8:45am School. 3:15pm School off. 4:15pm Bus. 4:30pm Work. 9:15pm Work Off. 9:45pm Eat. 10:15pm TV. 11:40pm Internet 12:00am Sleep

Monday, January 03, 2005

stradgey games

Last day of the holiday. Weather is fucking cold.-2 celius? Anyways today I went to YumCha with Neighbor. Then I went down town to check out the parking lots for work tomorrow. Tomorrow school starts again and its time to study . I ain't bringing no backpack to school tomorrow ^-^ Free Image Hosting at Stradgey Games never get boring~

Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Years?

yay happy new years every1 its rose online beta test by gravity GO GO GO!! charge for victory~ Free Image Hosting at