Saturday, August 06, 2005

Definition of G

G. Sup dwag? So how many of you hear the phase G in today's world? Came from one guy. Fifty Cent. Realname: Curtis Jackson His gang / band called: G -UNIT G Means Gangsta, Gorilla, Nice, BlingBling-ish, Rich, etc. More meanings please comment. Thanks

Friday, August 05, 2005

Woohoo! Acepted

"Your site was accepted at BlogExplosion. A Pig's Life BlogExplosion will create a thumbnail image of your site which will be included in the Blog Directory generally within 24 hours or less. Sincerely, BlogExplosion Team" Thank you for giving me this chance to shine. In life there is always a turning point, if your going down, you will go up soon. If your going up, watch out. The balance and the force and Yin and Yang could always be used in life. A really unique symbol which means alot. Acepted feels good, but what if they reject me after? Life's harsh. Find the balance fools.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Blog Declined at Blog Explosion

Oh, great. Got home and checked my email, and guess what I see? Your blog was declined for the following reason: You have months between the posts on your account. To ensure the quality of blogs on BlogExplosion we ask that all blogs must be kept fairly active. In reviewing your blog we see that a post has not be made recently. Please take some time to update your blog and re-submit for approval. Sincerly, BlogExplosion Team Hey, that kind of sucks doesn't it? Well it's alright, I'll keep posting and keep submiting, I am just back in action anyways, do you guys know any other good site that could bring my blog and make it more popular? Anyways, this means I am rejected. Rejected is a harsh word. From basketball to real life. When a baller rejects another person, they feel overwhelmed and excited. But the player that got rejected feels like a loser. Lets take a look at relationships. Rejected is harsh as well. A boy asking a girl out and she saying no? Meh, being rejected sucks. Thus, do not worry. Keep on going and you will have sucess. As we always see under bottles of caps.
Thank You! Please Try Again.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Thank You

Well, you see now I have a really nice skin. All the work is done by one person. Emilie Burt. Thank you very much for your kind help. So I was surfing on the net for a new kickass skin for my blog right. Here we go. So it looked cool right, then I saw the featured guy of the week, and looked at his works. Then I found this great tree skin. It fits me, suits me, makes me feel good. Well then I applied it, some parts didn't work for me. So I emailed the creator of this skin and point out a few things I would like to get fixed to help me out with my blog. The next day I wake up, he emailed me a full code and I just applied it, and here we go! The skin blog of my dream, with everything that I wanted.
Emilie Burt Emilie's Blog (Kind of)
Sympathy on the net is rare. "Common sense is not so common." -Voltaire


New layout. Good news, That means I am back. Not going to give up. Keep blogging, yea thats right. Teamwork, Enthusiasm, Leadership skills. Introduction to Physical and Recreational Training is complete. "Live on and embrace life." I will continue my path to become a sucessful blogger!