Friday, December 30, 2005

24 Hours Before 2006

Next year almost starts. The end of my year was alright, nothing too great. Fashion for me this year was really -Ralph Lauren's Polo in the Summer -Stussy™ during the Winter Fashion this year has really gone back to old school. The old fashion Big Pony is back with Ralph Lauren, I really wanted to get this and wear it during the summer but couldn't find it in Canada. You could easy get it from the US I guess. Real nice or you can just purchase it here.
Stussy™ on the other hand is a really worldwide brand and was created by Shawn Stussy. If you want to know its history you got to check out its offical site. Here's a cool T-Shirt with alot of holiday mood attached to it. But I guess it's too late now, but get one for next year its only 25$ US. It's a great brand worn by artists and DJ all around the world. From Hong Kong to London. Yup and it had connections and projects with Nike and Levi's and other big companies. Anyways props to Levi's , Stussy, Nike (Dunks,Bapes), Polo for making my year.
@ Asia
Next year I am not sure which brands will flurish. Probably BATHING APE, as it is going more noticable worldwide and maybe Edison Chen's CLOT. With his buddy MC Yan and along his gang theinvisbleman. Here's a picture of Ed's buddy. Really like how he fucking wears a mask like that to cover his face, he does that in his MV's too. He's MC Chief. He and his friends also produced a 37 min mixtape which included background music from 50 cent and songs with Edison Chen. Crazy cantonese rapper. This guy is probably going to be in alot of CLOT advertisements as well.
@ North America 50 Cent is sure doing pretty good at the moment. With his new movie release and video game he's really up on the spot. With all the back up he's getting from Shady's Record 05 was his year. Although his REEBOK contract isn't making pretty G shoes. They don't look nice, indead ugly. All the shirts really look lame unless the handwritten G-UNIT one, yea. Ecko and Reebok sure needs alot improvement. Crazy sketch of his video game cover. He really does look like a Gorilla. His new CD does has some nice beats. My favorite tracks are Hustler's Ambition and Best Friend. Goodjob 50, I gota give you a "G-UNIT!" shout.
Yea I am going to Battle a Blog soon on Blog Explosion. I really want reviews or comments from you guys. So please drop a line or two, would be a great New Years Eve Present.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A New Start

Fuck the old times, It's close to 2006. And that means buisness. Just got some sweet stuff from Blogger Templates, You can visit them just by clicking the link under my Friends section. I've been trying to find something simple and clean, and this is what I want. Improved layout, I don't see how many comments I get because I don't get how many comments I get. I'm posting for the world and I don't need comments, just visit me daily and respect my posts and I'll be happy. Click around, check out our sponsers, and join AdSense if you didn't already to earn some cash. Here are some cool stuff happening at the end of 2006.
Jeans. Levis is doing awesome this year. The shine is mostly seen in Asia. From Stussy X Levis, to crazy sponserships of Asia stars. Some are Twain's Jay Chou (Free to Move line), Japanese crazy DJ, KJ (501®. THE TRUE, ORIGINAL JEANS SINCE 1853 line). And also presenting you with underground news:
Levis newest from Asia. Levi's x Clot x Madsaki. Madsaki is a crazy artist @ Japan. Clot's head Edison Chen is a hip hop artist @ Hong Kong. What can I say? These are crazy jeans. Limited worldwide.
Online videos and shit are spreading fast. Even Google is doing a Video system. It sucks when big coporations eat smaller ones, eh? But if they do compile up something nice its worth it. While what I put my money on is, It has everything from Asia to Africa music videos, funny short films, hidden footages, etc. It is the number one site to check out some fast loading time movies. Props to management of YouTube! Alright let's see some action. Eminem has been doing great this year. While helping out alot with 50Cent. He has been hidden for awhile, droping the D12 shit behind. Eminem hooked 50 up with alot of ideas with Get Rich or Die Tryin'. He's even featured in 50cent's game "Bulletproof". What a good gangster homie. But at December, he managed to pull off three brand new songs and released it with his oldies. Featuring: When I'm Gone, Shake That, and FACK That's it for today folks, I'll try to blog daily. Well let's see some action from, shall we? Its too fat for my blog, Click here if you want to see it.