Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Sick a few days now. Fever, Cold and Cough. Hope it'll go away soon.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Ragnarok Online

Yea guys I am back to Ragnarok Online. Addictive game. Spring break starts. Why not? Offical Server: Server I am Playing On: My character name in the game is PiggyCanHack and I am starting a rogue. Also I am not feeling well these few days. Fever, sore throat. Happy Spring Break everyone. Leveling as a bow theif sucks...

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Friday, March 11, 2005

Internet Cafe

Friday. Woke up at 7am by accident so went online and played around with my computer. At school it was cool. First class was English. Watched a documentary about mandarin Poets, it was mostly rap. Then at PE we were doing paddle tennis. Me and my friend o-dog were tripping out. We were joking around and lost all our games. Our teacher made a score board and our names were at the top so it looked really bad. Anyways then lunch time! Went to Panago with j-dog and then ate it at a Bubble Tea Shop. Go Meatlovers! They make you full and tastes awesome. At Planning class we had some people came and talk about drugs. I think that it just give people more information about the drugs and yea. They talked about 4 drugs. Ecstasy, Weed, Crystal and rupees. It was funny because there were a list of terms with all the drugs... Yea. There were 4 people presenting. The Chinese guy was funny. It was powerpoint presentations and then he pulled out a picture of a rave party and said "hey that looks fun". While he was showing off the money chart for ecstasy he even said " hey look, better deal " when you buy e in a bulk. Anyways there were a kicked there too. She had a Mac laptop and a wallpaper of her and someone which I wanted to see but nah. Anyways good presentations, mainly because they hand out chocolates for people that participated. Then at Computer Studies people were just at the back fucking around with old computers. S-dog got out a powerful magnet and fools started playing with it. They injured their fingers and t-dog even went on and fucked a computer screen. That's it for my school day... After school I went to KCC. Played a few team games on basketball. Then went to internet cafe. I went to 7 Eleven and Shoppers Drug Mart to shop around while my friends were playing. Then I came back with a 99cent 1 L Sparkling Water beverage , Orange and Lemon flavor. Tasted great and watched my friends finish off their game. After it me and my friend decided to try out aircraft III: TFT on the Internet Cafe, it was a mess. First was Invalid CD Key, probably banned. Then the second computer didn't work because it was dead. Then the last one it worked but it was one space away from my friend so I couldn't talk to him while playing that easily...Then I went to Kyr's house, a guy I've met in Grade 5, He's moved and now his house is 3min away from mine, that's cool. Tomorrow I have a long day, Peace Out.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Spyware Sucks

Yea, my computer has been dealing with some spyware crap. Finally got it all gone, feels good when its all off. It's really buggy and hard for new computer and internet users to deal with. Even now after the clean there are still some flaws around my computer here and there. People that made spyware deserves to get shot. Aircraft III isn't going good for me at all. I just keep losing. You know when you keep playing a game and keep losing at it? It feels bad. But I play for the joy and the excitement of the game. School... Pretty well, I caught up with the work I missed. Just did a Math Test today on slopes and lines. Got a big 87% on it and then did a history test on the Canadian Railway and got a whooping 88% on that. Went and check my English mark and got 75% which is a B. I hope I'll get a A in English... It's hard but I want it... If any of you need help of getting those spyware off, comment here.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I Heart Vancouver

Hey folks, I am finally back from Toronto. Awesome city. Went to the CN Tower, Niagara Falls, and the big Eaton Mall. Toronto is cold, very cold. I missed Vancouver a lot when I was there but I'm back home now. Went with 30 other cadets and learned a few things about leadership once again. But most important we all had lots of fun. I've met new cadet friends and such. My brother and I had been sleeping in a room with the warrants. It was by luck but it was really cool, we were treated nice and we get to go to places only sergeants and above could go. We also learned all the dark secrets of cadets. Nevertheless, this trip mostly made me love my home city here at Vancouver BC, Canada. Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Toronto, Here I Come!

Alright mates, tomorrow I will be heading to Toronto. Leaving Vancouver BC, Canada at 2:00pm. It said the flight is about 5 hours long, wow. That is sure a long time, going to bring a book to read and some music to listen to. Got some money with me to buy some sweet stuff. We are heading to the movies, swimming, Boston's Pizza and CN Tower. I'll be in Toronto in the next 12 hours. I'll come back on Tuesday, See ya folks untill then!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Today school was okay. First block French. Had the quiz and then started a movie called " French Kiss ". Pretty good and funny movie. Then science got my score back. 90%+ on Physics test. Then Math.. At the end of school my teacher let us leave because most people are on a field trip. I am going to Toronoto in 2 days and I will be missing 3 days of school. Also had a cool Warcraft III Frozen Throne game today. Won with Orc, they made a new 1.18 Patch. If you have the game, head on to and check it out. Posted by Hello

Found out the reason for my computer crashing is probably because of the skin I was using. I switch back to no skin and the crash stopped. Drill team was hard today.. French Quiz tomorrow... Posted by Hello